Aut Cesar, Aut Nihil, Wargaming the Borgias.

Aut Cesar, Aut Nihil, Wargaming the Borgias.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Battleground 2014.

Well, there's been a slight delay after my trip to Battleground 2014, basically I was knackered after I finished the show. I must admit, it is becoming harder to put on a game at the shows, purely from a physical point of view. I find that standing for most of the day does take it out of you. [I know, sit down then.] Well that is easier said than done, I think I have had Saint Vitus's Dance since birth, and when I wargame I invariably stand. I have title this post Battleground 2014, but its more about wargaming and wargamers really.
 I know that the public who are aware of us, [and that wont be that many], generally view us as a bit odd, and we dont help ourselves at times. But I would like to say, that on Saturday and in the weeks before that, wargamers have shown themselves to me at least to be pretty generous souls and also all round good eggs.
 On Saturday I was given, a beautifully made road for my table, made by Dennis languishing in Redcar, who I met via this blog.
 I was also given three Minden figures that I needed to complete a regiment by Mark who had travelled up from Leeds, who I met via my other blog.
 I was also given four beautifully painted renaissance Turkish cavalry, an Italian man at arms, and a lovely painted Turkish artillery piece, all from the Gilder collections by Doug Crowther who picked up on my purchase of a Turkish army.
 Earlier this year another wargamer sent me 20 painted Citidal pike for nothing because I was short of some figures for a unit.
 These are just four instances of wargamers who apart from being very kind, prove how we tend to belong to a brotherhood and want to help each other if we can.
 In this day and age when everyone is doused in cynicism, and question the motives of everything that happens, I think its just refreshing that wargamers want to help each other for no other reason that because we belong to a group of like minded hobbyists.
 So I'd like to thank these kind souls, and if by chance John Ray is reading this, I don't mind collecting his armies personally from his home should he feel the need to give me them free gratis.
 Anyway ignoring that dream,  a bit on Battleground.
I think Pendraken and in particular Leon should be thanked for putting on the show, the North East certainly needs a show in the winter time and Stockton was always one of my favourite shows.
 I personally liked the venue, it was easy to find [ well it was for me] The hall was spacious and well lit. The car parks were free and there was plenty of them.
 Although the cafe was a walk across the car park the food was good and a decent price, especially the breakfast specials.
 As a first time effort in a new venue I thought it was a success.
 The show was busy on the morning [ as expected] but began to empty out by about 1.30pm.
This was a bit surprising as the show was closing at 3.00pm so it couldn't be described as a long show.

 I didnt seem to take many photographs of the games including mine own, which was a shame because the Lancaster Wargames Group had a great Spencer Smith SYW game on show, with some great wargames aids. The great Andy Callan  was part of that group and it ws nice to chat with him about the rules and the aids that had been made. I particularly loved the canister device and the shell device which had been made from a plastic pint glass.
 I also liked the WW1 game from the gents from the Tyneside Group, they always put on a game that I want to play in. As usual I went with the intention of buying little, and then spending a lot, this time it was more Crann Tara figures, which just keep getting better. Graham showed me some castings from the army of the Kingdom of Savoy, which looked a joy to paint. I also came away with another wagon that I dont need, from Westphalia Miniatures sold by Graham. He also very kindly sold me a copy of the history of the Wild Geese by Callaghan, which I have wanted for years. All at discounted prices I may add.
 So thats my last show of the year, as I dont think I can get to Leeds next week, and it seems fitting that the Stockton show has closed this years campaign for me.
Oh as for the game I ran. Its fair to say that if I had held a real life command for Cesare Borgia he would have had me shot, such was my poor generalship. So if anyone would like to send me some lucky dice, free of course.



  1. Hi Robbie,
    Thought Battleground was a cracking day. Good venue and very easy to get to (for me, anyway!!!) Some great games too. Sorry to hear things didn't go to well for Cesare! Can't blame me for that one!!!
    Roll on Vapnartak next year!

  2. Thanks again for the road Dennis.
    You do know I will need to add to it, so e mail me with a PRICE for some extra pieces please.
    Thanks again.

  3. Rob, we did ok I think as our Italians were holding their Italians albeit with some difficulty. Great looking game and apart from the trek to the cafe it was a good venue.

  4. Great looking game with fantastic colors!

  5. See my commnets on the show- Frankly I thougfht it tried hard but only made "average to poor "


Honour Guard of Cesare Borgia.

Honour Guard of Cesare Borgia.