Aut Cesar, Aut Nihil, Wargaming the Borgias.

Aut Cesar, Aut Nihil, Wargaming the Borgias.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

It was only supposed to be a contingent.

 At the request of a poster, Iain, I have took some quick snaps of my Swiss contingent of the French army. Its only when you put them on a table as a whole do you realise that maybe one has painted too many. It was meant to be a contingent, but probably could be used as an army in its own right.
 I have 'found' a unit of unpainted Swiss halberdiers, that I think I should complete, as the Swiss were renowned for their murderous use of the weapon. I also have some spare crossbowmen, which if painted up could reflect the earlier Swiss army. Oh and not forgetting the Duke of Lorraine and his small unit of knights.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Final Swiss.

 It would seem that I have finally completed the Swiss contingent for the Italian Wars, as I only have a few crossbowmen left to paint. I dont normally plan out my armies, and instead just buy figures and paint them until I am sick. These chaps were from an order I had placed when Foundry were reorganising and were offered at a cheaper price.
              Not Perry sculpts, but still nice, and actually easier to paint.
 There's not a lot one can say about them apart from they are carrying Pete's Flags, and look very jaunty.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Its my party.

 Last Saturday was my birthday, and unfortunately not just any birthday, it was my 60th one.Anyway, I got some wonderful presents and a surprise party with band. So it was a very good day and very late night. Amongst the surprises I received were these three wonderfully painted figures, courtesy of Dave Jarvis, painter to the stars. I must admit I was very touched by this wonderful gift. Dave needs to paint to eat, and painting these figures as a present means he had less time to do paid work. So I would again like to say thank you to Dave for this wonderful present. Now if I can just get him to paint a few cavalry regiments buck free.                                                                

Friday, 4 March 2016

Some new goodies.

 Due to the lingering lurgy, I have been confined to barracks, and so have been able to crack on with some painting. Firstly a unit of Eureka French Archers, to support my Eureka Gendarmes.
 The figures are quite small but perfectly adequate.

Secondly I would like to say a thank you the the Last Nazgul E Bay shop, for very kindly giving me three more part painted Vulcan gendarmes, free gratis. This was a very kind gesture, and means that I am only one short of a dozen Vulcan gendarmes. At the moment I am filling in with a Gamezone standard bearer.
 I know they are clumsy to put together, but I have always found the Vulcan gendarmes very charming.Anyway, thanks again to the Last Nazgul E Bay shop, for the figures.

Honour Guard of Cesare Borgia.

Honour Guard of Cesare Borgia.